think ergonomics from the start


Ergonomic floor chairs are perfect for playing with children at their level. A backrest means that you sit comfortably and can sit for longer periods of time without feeling pain. You can be there right where the play is happening. For your child, it makes a big difference if you sit a little more passively leaning against a wall or sofa, compared to if you actively choose to sit next to them in the room.

FloorFred is a designed piece of furniture, with carefully selected high-quality fabrics. It is easy to move around the house between the living room, the children's room or wherever our little ones want to hang out. Ergonomic floor chairs simplify and enable more play on the floor. FloorFred is the obvious piece of furniture for all families with children. Find the joy in everyday life, take advantage of the small moments through activities on the floor together with the children.


If you are breastfeeding, it is likely that you have experienced pain in your muscles, back and shoulders while nursing your little one. This can cause major problems in everyday life that often remain after breastfeeding has stopped.

FloorFred's ergonomic chairs are designed to prevent pain so that breastfeeding becomes more comfortable and relaxed:

  • Provides support for the lumbar spine to keep it relaxed.
  • Promotes better posture to keep back muscles free from tension.

  • Facilitates a comfortable moment so that breastfeeding becomes a pleasant experience for both mother and child.


Another big advantage of sitting on the floor and breastfeeding is if there are older siblings at home. Having a sibling is not always easy and can often at first give rise to jealousy. That then a parent sits on the floor and breastfeeds or feeds, instead of on a couch, is inclusive for everyone and makes it easier to bond. Sitting on the floor together simply creates an inclusive environment where everyone feels comfortable. While the parents are breastfeeding or feeding, they can explore their 'natural playground'.

With peace and quiet all around, the best conditions are created for a good time, for everyone. Nursing chairs provide peace of mind while allowing your older child to get closer and embrace those special moments.