think ergonomics from the start


Ergonomic floor chairs are perfect for playing with children at their level. A backrest means that you sit comfortably and can sit for longer periods of time without feeling pain. You can be there right where the play is happening. For your child, it makes a big difference if you sit a little more passively leaning against a wall or sofa, compared to if you actively choose to sit next to them in the room.

FloorFred is a designed piece of furniture, with carefully selected high-quality fabrics. It is easy to move around the house between the living room, the children's room or wherever our little ones want to hang out. Ergonomic floor chairs simplify and enable more play on the floor. FloorFred is the obvious piece of furniture for all families with children. Find the joy in everyday life, take advantage of the small moments through activities on the floor together with the children.

Take care of your back

Very few sit comfortably on the floor and most lean against a wall or simply move up onto a sofa.
With FloorFred, you get an upright posture that relieves the lower back completely. With your FloorFred, you sit slightly backwards. There is medical research that shows that the best sitting position for the back is to sit slightly leaning back on the floor. On the other hand, if you sit too far back, you lose the support for the lower back, and thus the ergonomic aspect. Of this, FloorFred has only one mode. After all, you don't always sit still with children, and with FloorFred you can find more comfortable positions, all with a backrest.