What is a floor chair?

FloorFred is an ergonomic floor chair, a comfortable backrest that relieves the lower back, with a soft seat that makes you sit comfortably on the floor.

Why is a floor chair good?

A floor chair makes it more comfortable to sit on the floor, and also makes you able to sit for longer periods of time.

Why is play important for young children?

For children, play is vital, and a prerequisite for developing and learning new things. To encourage play is to encourage imagination and resourcefulness, something that children enjoy for the rest of their lives.

Is there research on play on the floor? Parental presence on the floor?

There is also very inspiring reading and research, about how your presence on the floor, as a parent, matters. Research shows that your presence as an adult matters. The research studies show that 8-month-old babies make more effort to reach a toy when an adult is nearby. And if you are not around, they also become more passive. A pretty good motivation to make some time for play together in everyday life if you ask us.

Do you have to play with your child all the time?

The research doesn't mean you have to spend your entire day on the floor. Even short daily playtimes strengthen the relationship between children and parents.

Why is different kinds of play important?

Different kinds of play are important. Lively and active play builds children's coordination and strength. The quieter play such as building with blocks or putting together puzzles promotes cognitive development and lays the foundation for language development in children. A floor chair makes it a little more fun for everyone to focus on the cognitive play.

Think ergonomics from the start as parental leave?

As a parent on parental leave and a toddler, you often end up on the floor when spending time with your baby. It's easy to sag and get backaches.

With FloorFred, the ergonomic floor chair, we want to inspire to take advantage of the small moments together.

FORNI advises on 3 ways to simplify your parental leave, and guess if we are proud to be included in this top 3 among ergonomic professionals.


Many people are surprised at how far up in age children choose to sit on the floor. To put together puzzles, play games, play with Duplo, Lego, build with blocks, lay train tracks, the games are many.

Developmental phases with baby?

There are development phases where you want to be on the floor. As, for example, when children go through the developmental stages of neck training, crawling and walking, then you want to be on the floor and encourage them. With FloorFred, you don't have to choose between being a present parent and having a sore back. Sitting with a backrest close to your children allows you to sit for longer periods on the floor.