FloorFred, the floor chair for you preschool teachers.
We want to inspire to sit for longer periods on the floor, together with the children at their level. Because surely there is a difference in taking the children's perspective? When we adults sit down with the children, together on the floor, something happens.
There is a difference between sitting on a raised stool or a low chair. There is no getting away from it.

You are many educators around the country who say the same thing;
our floor chair has a calming effect and provides a safe place for teaching. Security and care.
The floor chair also functions as an educational tool. But the ergonomic aspect is just as important. The floor chair has been developed together with an ergonomist, to ensure that the lower back is both relieved and supported.

Our floor chair is not a substitute for a rolling stool. We are passionate about making connections on the floor.
And to be able to do it precisely by being able to sit longer. On the same level. Without hurting your back. A lot of sitting on the floor wears on the back, sooner or later most people get back pain. With our FloorFred floor chair, you sit ergonomically and avoid back pain.

Welcome to get in touch if you want to know more, or get a quote.
The easiest way to reach us is info@floorfred.com

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