FloorFred featured in SvD Perfect Guide;

Get close to your children.
When sitting on the floor, it can be difficult to find an ergonomic position.
When Sofie Otto had her second child, she launched the floor chair FloorFred. The furniture she herself missed as a parent of small children, every day.
"I had a baby in my arms, and a playing 1.5-year-old on the floor, and wanted to be close to both". As a parent of small children, you often end up on the floor, and it's easy to sag and get backaches. With FloorFred, you get an upright posture with support that relieves both neck and back. Inspiration for the chair has also been taken from research into the importance of closeness and play around for young children's development.
The chair can be used extensively even after the toddler years.
"Many are surprised at how far into the ages children choose to sit on the floor, to do puzzles, play games, and play with Legos. Then it's a perfect meditation chair for adults.

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