Green Garden in Plaza Interior no. 6, and Poppy Red in ROOM no. 5.

FloorFred's summer collection is the perfect beach chair for outdoor hanging!
The limited summer collection consists of three chairs in durable, water-repellent quilted fabric that come in three striped colors - Navy Blue, Poppy Red and Green garden, all with a white base. The chairs are perfect for summer sailing, hanging out on the pier, beach life and even picnics. A soft and flexible outdoor fabric that is comfortable to sit on and easy to fold up and take with you on your various summer adventures.

Beach life with children requires supervision, with FloorFred (which provides an ergonomic backrest) you sit comfortably and upright at the edge of the pool, on the jetty or on the beach.

FloorFred is foldable and easy to take with you. Regardless of summer excursion :)

Poppy Red, FloorFred beach chair.

Green Garden, FloorFred beach chair.

Navy Blue, beach chair.

Comfortable bridge life with FloorFred, Navy Blue.

Foldable, and easy to take to the beach.

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