The story behind FloorFred

I was already worn out in the back and shoulders as it was after the first year with Fred. Especially tired in the lower back from uncomfortable sitting and breastfeeding on the floor. And with two small children, you have a lot of floor hours ahead of you.
So then and there, out of the need to be close to my children, without compromising too much on my own back health, a seed was sown to produce FloorFred.

Inspiration from the "professor of play"
After a nice conversation with Child Psychologist Birgitta Knutsdotter Olofsson, where I learned, among other things, the quote "magic happens on the floor", it felt like the most obvious piece of furniture in a home with children.

Super team behind FloorFred
So together with an ergonomist and a textile designer, I then created FloorFred, which today has become a life hack chair for parents of small children.

Simplifies and improves everyday life
It is still my biggest motivation with all the parents who get in touch and tell me how everyone in the family uses it on a daily basis. And how it actually simplifies everyday life. And makes it possible for adults who, for various reasons, previously did not sit on the floor, now thanks to their FloorFred to do so. It feels nice.
It has also become very popular and praised by preschools. It's incredibly nice to hear how FloorFred is an educational tool in their everyday life, partly from an attachment perspective, but also an ergonomic aid for educators' backs.

It's such a shame that many people don't sit on the floor at all, and miss out on these cosy, lovely but also tiring years where most of it actually happens on the floor.

And very few sit comfortably on the floor for long periods of time. Those who sit for long periods of time get sick sooner or later. But sitting on the floor doesn't have to be uncomfortable! I want to give more energy to play, and enable cozy simple moments in everyday life, without back problems.

Sofie Otto with her two children photo: Karl Nordlund

The toddler years are over with Fred and Loni, baby gym and blocks have been replaced by train tracks and Lego. Photo: Karl Nordlund.

Image from reportage in DI Weekend 2022-09-28. Photo: Anne Nyblaeus