There are many educators who testify to how our ergonomic floor chair both improves and simplifies an educational environment. Today, Floorfred is a proud supplier to municipalities and preschools around the country.

"We use the chairs with children who need to sit on the teacher's lap during teaching / assembly, in order to be able to sit with and participate."
Educator in the toddler department, Dalsjögården preschool

"The chairs are absolutely wonderful. We use ours daily! Haven't had any back pain since I started using it at work.
Preschool teacher, Church of Sweden Stockholm.

"We have used these floor chairs for our children who, for various reasons, feel that they need a backrest to lean against. We feel that our FloorFreds have a calming effect and give the children a safe place during our teaching."
Educator at the Older Children Department, Dalsjögården preschool

FloorFred is the ergonomic floor chair for you as a preschool teacher.
Developed together with an ergonomist, so that the right support for the lower back is provided.

As a preschool teacher, you spend a lot of time on the floor, every day. Gatherings, singing sessions, crafts and games.
With FloorFred, we want to inspire people to sit together for longer periods of time on the floor, without getting tired or getting back pain. Sooner or later the back takes a beating from sitting on the floor a lot. Regardless of age, think preventively and take care of your back health.

Our fabrics are of the highest quality in recycled wool, durable and easy to clean.
Prices start (depending on fabric) from SEK 1990 excl. VAT.
Quantity discounts can be offered, so contact us for a quote.
We are connected to e-invoicing and what is standard according to PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.

FloorFred is also a proud supplier to several yoga studios in Sweden and around the Nordics.

Do you work in a public environment where there are playrooms, waiting rooms? Regardless of the reason why you sit on the floor a lot, FloorFred is the ergonomic floor chair for you. A backrest that relieves the lower back and gives you better posture.

We make tailor-made collections based on needs, with our own logo if desired. Soft velvet for meditation or wipeable faux leather for your nursery? Contact us and we will make a proposal based on your needs!

(On the picture you see our tailored yoga collection in the softest pink velvet, produced in collaboration with Yogamana. Sold in their own webshop https://yogamana.se)