Play on the floor

Cognitive development on the floor
Playing on the floor is an incredibly important part of a child's development. Research findings show that it is particularly important for the development of the brain early in the child's life. Absolutely decisive. A prerequisite for learning new things. Both cognitively and physically.

Research that supports presence on the floor.
There is also research (source: Science Daily) that shows that your presence on the floor as an adult matters. Tests show that 8-month-old babies made more effort to reach a toy when an adult was nearby. And without the presence of an adult, the children became more passive. And didn't try as hard.

A pretty good motivation to make some time for some time on the floor if you ask us.

Come along and support and participate in yours
children's development. It is on the floor that your baby exercises in the baby gym, strengthens the upper body and neck, practices sitting, then crawling, standing and walking. Many cozy and beautiful moments to share together.

Encouraging play means, for example, encouraging creativity, imagination and self-confidence. Something that children enjoy for the rest of their lives.
The game develops your child's motor skills,

Cognitive development in children
Different games fulfill different functions. Active play builds children's coordination and strength. While the more quiet play such as building with bricks or putting together puzzles promotes cognitive development and adds, among other things, a basis for language development in children. With children and therefore play in their everyday life, FloorFred is the obvious piece of furniture. Either in the children's room, or where the play happens! It is easy to move around after the game.