FloorFred is a Scandinavian brand and was created in 2018, by Sofie Otto, mother and entrepreneur from Sweden.

"Fred was born prematurely and everything we went through in the beginning,  strengthened my need to be close to him. So when playing on the floor, it felt unreasonable not to be able to sit with him,
 without getting a sore back and shoulders. When I then had my daughter, a little over a year later, the need became urgent with a baby in my arms and a 1.5 year old on the floor.

My inspiration for FloorFred is also based on research done on the importance of closeness and play for young childrens development. 

To me FloorFred is so much more than a back support that makes your everyday more comfy..it's about closeness, connection, play and inspiration.

With FloorFred, I want to make everyday life easier with small children.
And more fun! It's all about ( being able to) enjoying the little moments together."