FloorFred gives you better posture. Get a more comfy everyday life on the floor with your kids. More play! Less backpain. FloorFred is a tribute to everyone who wants to take care of themselves and their families. Your backsaver during playtime!

your back saver on the floor

Being close. Having fun. A comfy everyday. The importance of taking care of you as a parent. And adding some science on closeness and play. That is the inspiration and recipe of FloorFred.


Development phases when you want to join on the floor

When children go through different developmental phases such as neck training, crawling and walking, you want to be active on the floor and encourage. 

FloorFred helps you to sit longer on the floor. Sitting with a back support near your children allows you to be involved, and still care for your back.

And sometimes your presence is enough. Be close and also get the chance to do something for yourself like sending that email, read a magazine..

Science, being close and play

Play is more important than you might think. For children, it is a must for developing and learning new things. To encourage play is to encourage imagination and ingenuity, something that children enjoy for the rest of their lives. Research shows that your presence as an adult matters. Tests show that 8-month-old children make more effort to reach for a toy when an adult is close. And if you are not around, they also become more passive. A pretty good motivation to take some time for your children in everyday life if you ask us.

Cognitive development in children

Lively and active play builds children's coordination and strength.
The quieter play such as building with bricks or putting together puzzles promotes cognitive development and lays the foundation for language development in children.

More play, less backpain!

IT's FUN ON THE FLOOR - FloorFred for everyone

FloorFred has no age limit, it's used by both children and adults. As a TV armchair, reading chair, gaming chair, extra chair, meditation chair among other things. For everyone that wants to sit comfortably on the floor.

Picture shows a folded FloorFred. Easy to stove away if needed!

Enjoy the little moments

Closeness and Play

To us FloorFred is so much more than a back support that makes your everyday more comfy. It's about closeness, connection, play and inspiration.

FloorFred is about enjoying the little moments in everyday life. It's about closeness, play, connection and having fun. With a back support you can be comfy on the floor and sit for longer. More play, less back pain.